High performance, high quality web applications.
Your Way, Our Expertise

Eydos Web Dev - High performance, high quality web applications

Welcome to Eydos

A team of web developers dedicated to innovation and performance stands ready to bring your web projects to life.


Working with many different companies (from small companies with high aspirations to multi-national companies with impressive projects) offered us the opportunity to see things from the end-users' perspective and to learn to speak their language in order to have the projects delivered with most efficiency and effectiveness.

The development of complex stand-alone projects taught us the excitement and adventure of transforming an idea into a successful project. The long list of developed projects speaks for itself. Keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies and market developments helps us innovate. It also contributes to the provision of the best services to our clients.


Due to our extensive experience (we started in 2004), we offer a large range of web services: custom web design and programming, development of web applications, database design and administration, set-up and maintenance of operating systems, professional IT outsourcing and much more. You ask for something and we will provide it!

Your Way, Our Expertise

As our motto says, we are open to the client’s needs and ideas.

Our long web development experience is a guarantee for us understanding your business needs and providing you with the best solution. Our expertise in web development services covers both top quality programming skills and excellent web design abilities.

This, together with developed communication skills will help build a strong partnership with our clients, an additional guarantee for the achievement of our common goal: an efficient and effective implementation of your projects!